How to give your home a make over

Everyone takes pride in keeping their homes tidy and attractive unless you are a hobo. Who does not like their homes to be clean and alluring? Even many bachelors try and keep their residences neat and tidy.

What makes a house attractive and alluring? Is it the décor or the paint jobs? Is it the furniture, the curtains and wall hangings or the style of the interiors? In fact, it is all these and more. Just like clothes alone don’t make a personality; a fresh coat of paint alone does not give a home a make-over. In interior decoration there is no one size fits all. Each space is unique and must be treated accordingly.

For starters, sit down and visualize the makeover in your mind. Make a plan and write down the colour combinations in each room, for the walls and upholstery. Consider also the ceiling and floor of the house. You may go in for a total makeover or a partial one, depending on the strength of your pockets. Re-painting the house is an important part of home make-over. A drab and dull painted house does not give any positive vibes; on the contrary it is depressing and a mood dampener. Paint the walls a pastel shade, especially the walls that do not get much natural light. You may paint the walls, which get bright sunlight, a darker shade but make sure you colour coordinate it with the upholstery of the walls and furniture.

Never use garish colours; they should never be loud and coarse but pleasing and chic. Painting the entire house in white or light shade will give it an antiseptic look. Brighten it up with shades of light and dark colours. The accessories and the furniture should accentuate the personality of the inmates and bring the space to life. A bare room with minimal furniture and accessories will look like a lady with no jewelry and make-up. Living room The most dramatic change that you could effect in the room, other than fresh paint, is the carpet. Carpets and rugs in a room along with colourful cushions of different sizes can bring about a transformation in its looks. You can even have a theme for each room and dress it up accordingly. Whatever theme you choose, the furniture should match it. If you are living in a rented apartment, you may need the permission of the landlord to effect the changes to the structure of the room. You, most probably, will not be permitted to break and build. Wall hangings, paintings and curtains can be used with good effect to brighten up a room.

Flower arrangements, dry or the ones with fresh flowers are also a great way to add décor to the room. If the living room dimensions are not large, look for space-saving furniture that has, both, utility and style. Dining area If you have a separate dining room, a nicely polished side-board to store the crockery and cutlery along with other dining room accessories would be great. Otherwise, you may make do with a couple of artistically styled trolleys, for food and drinks.

A vase with a flower arrangement in it, placed in a vantage position in the area, would add style. Bedrooms If you have large bedrooms with high windows, colour co-ordinated long drapes along with shears will look chic. Based on the type and height of the beds, you could change the mattress. Many different types are available. Ethnic bed covers, pillow covers and quilts can make a style statement of their own. Add a book-shelf and a lampshade for effect. A couple of sleek easy chairs, a table close to the window with a flower arrangement on it, will enhance the style quotient.

Kitchen To give your kitchen a makeover, add cabinets, new plate racks, if required; brighten up the lighting and fix washable bright curtains for the windows. Polish taps and fixtures in the kitchen. Paint or varnish all wooden surfaces. Change knobs on the shelves and drawers. Bathrooms If the bathrooms are big enough, you can add a shower cubicle or a bath tub. Changing taps and accessories and towel holders may not cost much. Get colourful towels for the bathrooms. If you have small children get towels with cartoon character motifs.

An ornamental plant adds aesthetic value and a magazine shelf adds utility value. Porch & balconies Decorate the space with live plants. Do not hang washed clothes in the balcony as this looks ungainly. If you must, use the foldable clothes drying rack. If the shoe rack kept near the entrance is made of wood, get it polished or painted in colours to match the walls. Hang a painting or an art work on the wall adjacent to the shoe rack. Stanley Varghese for By:

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